Starting your team


It’s important to read and undestand what we’ve explained here in order to be able to play netball. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Game Responsibilities

Game Etiquette

Please remember the niceties, handshakes and thanks at the end of the game and a cheer for the umpires.

  • Make it safe and fun
  • Know where the first aid station is and send a player there if there is any doubt
  • Ensure that everyone is getting a go
  • Do not stand near or walk up and down the side line during a game. (There is a little bit of latitude on this with the 11 & Unders but not at higher levels)
  • Remind your team’s spectators of their responsibilities if required (it usually only takes a quiet word)
  • Advise players to arrive 15 minutes before to allow an appropriate warm up
  • Ensure all equipment including the first aid kit is ready for use and the players have their own drink bottle
  • In the event of an incident during a game at the Parkville Netball Centre, please ensure that an incident form is completed.  These can be requested at the centre office.
  • For Junior (under 18) games a minimum of one adult should be present during game time – not including the coach to provide support when/if required.
  • Jewellery – Netball Victoria stipulates that the only permissible form of jewellery is a MedicAlert bracelet (must be taped); however, players with newly-pierced ears are allowed to keep studs in, also taped.
  • Fingernails are to be short and smooth, and will be checked by the umpire at the beginning of the game.
  • If you or the coach has issues with how a game is being umpired to the point where it is impacting greatly on the game or is impacting on player safety you have the right to find a court supervisor (you don’t speak to the umpire directly). The supervisor will usually come and watch the game and intervene if appropriate.



As mentioned above the Scorer is usually the Captain’s parent. They should tick off which players are playing, preferably the position they played in each quarter. They also are required to track the scored goals by position. Please see Parkville by-laws below for more detail regarding scoresheets.


Summary of the Parkville Netball By-Laws

A full copy of these By-Laws can be found at Parkville Netball Competitions website.

Timing of Games

  • 4 x 10 minute quarters
  • Straight changeover intervals at 1⁄4 and 3⁄4 time
  • 2 minute interval at 1⁄2 time


Team Numbers

In the event that there are fewer than five (5) players present for one Team, a maximum period of 10 minutes shall be allowed for at least five players of a Team to arrive.

The non-offending Team shall be awarded one (1) penalty goal per minute passed of this time.

If at the end of this time, there are fewer than five players present; the Game shall be awarded to the non-offending Team (4 points, score 10- 0).



These can be found at the Office downstairs

  • One official scoresheet will be used for each game.
  • This scoresheet will list the names (both given and surname) of all players including substitutes nominated for each Team.
  • The scoresheet must be filled in for players to be credited with a Game by either placing a tick or the position played by the player in one (1) of the appropriate boxes.
  • Each team should provide a non-participating scorer for each game. These scorers must sit together at the score bench for the duration of the match.
  • The final Game score is calculated by the addition of the goals scored (strokes) at the end of the Game.
  • At the Games conclusion to indicate their satisfaction that the information on the scoresheet is correct, the official scoresheet is to be signed by:
    • The captains of both competing Teams;
    • The officiating umpires
    • Scorers for both competing Teams.


  • Finals are played at the conclusion of the rounds in each division of each Competition except Saturday 11 & Under and Set Competitions.
  • Players in all Competitions must play at least one quarter (1/4) of the Season in one division to be eligible to participate in that division’s.
  • A player may only play one game per day of Competition.


Movement of Players between teams

There shall be no limitation on the movement of players between Teams of the same Club during the season, except when a player has played one quarter (1/4) of the season in a higher division, she is ineligible to play in a lower division for their Club/Team on that particular day/night of Competition for the remainder of the season

Players can be added to the team list by providing the player’s details to the back of the score sheet (Registration Number, DOB, Name & Address.



In the event that a Team forfeits prior to the Game clock starting at the scheduled time, the Game shall be awarded to the non-offending team (4 points, score 10-0). A maximum of 12 nominated players of the non-offending Team shall be credited a game for qualification purposes. Players of the offending Team shall not be credited a game.