We have put together some of our frequently asked questions below…


What is NetSetGO?
NetSetGO is a program for teaching children the basics of netball basics in a fun and inclusive environment.

What age is NetSetGO for?
NetSetGO at Brunswick Netball Club is for players aged 6–9. 

How is NetSetGO different from regular netball?
The children will learn to play the sport with modified rules and equipment, such as smaller balls and more lenient rules. 

How do I express interest?
Please reach out to Alia the NetSetGo Coordinator at netsetgo@brunswicknetballclub.org

Playing in a NetSetGO team 

How does it work? Players are put into a team with children similar to their age and participate in the Parkville Netball NetSetGO competition. They also attend a weekly training session. 

Where and when do they play? Games are played on Saturday mornings at Parkville Netball. There are two seasons across the year which align with the school year. Autumn: Terms 1 and 2. Spring: Terms 3 and 4. 

Where and when do they train? The players train on a Friday afternoon at the Reaburn Reserve netball courts in Brunswick. 

Introduction to NetSetGO Program

How does it work? This is a training only program, and is designed to introduce players to netball in a fun and inclusive environment. The program will prepare children to join a playing team in the next season. 

Where and when is it? This program runs in school terms 2 and 4, on Friday evenings at Reaburn Reserve in Brunswick. To express interest in this program please reach out during school terms 1 or 3.