Starting your team


There is a lot of information to read here, but once you have understood it you’ll be well on your way to setting your your team to play. Once you’ve completed the steps described here, you can also read our information on starting to play.

What you need to know to set up your team

Team numbers

For new and young teams, the focus is on skills development over winning and connecting with their friends.

Brunswick Netball Club recommends each team has a total of 10 players. We have found 10 players allows enough space in case a number of players are absent due to sickness, injury or other reason and does not leave too many players sitting on the sidelines. Parkville stipulates 12 as a limit.

Sometimes a side can find itself with less than 7 players on any particular week. If this occurs the Team Manager can contact another BNC Team Manager in the same grade and ask to ‘borrow’ a player for one match. FYI – Contact lists for Team Managers are sent out at the start of the season.

For more on team numbers, please refer to Parkville By-laws below.


All members of a team are to wear the same uniform. A team can choose one of three uniform options:

  1. Club t-shirt and navy blue netball skirt (parents/members can purchase the skirt from Kmart, Target, etc )
  2. Club t-shirt and club shorts
  3. Club dress

A BNC Hoodie is also available and is optional.

To order, please email


Most players look for a Coach to be encouraging, fair, approachable and positive.

Becoming a Coach can be extremely rewarding and somewhat terrifying. So please allow space for new Coaches to bond with their young charges.

Coaches are encouraged to attend accredited netball coaching courses and also sign up to a Code of Conduct.

There are amazing resources out there to help, so be sure to use them! A good place to start is here:


The club supports Coaches completing the Foundation Coaching course.  This can occur online or at a course with other participants. The face to face schedule is available here:

One of the most important things a Coach should do is have a training plan for training sessions that includes a team warm up.

At end of year it is a lovely gesture to thank the Coach with a present from the team. Generally, this entails a small contribution from each family for the purchase of a gift.

Team managers

BNC Team Managers play a pivotal part in the life of our club. They ensure our teams are ready to play, they work with and support the Team Coach and look out for the welfare of our players.

Team Managers assists with the following:

  1. Share information between BNC and the team. The Team Manager is the first point of contact for questions/concerns from players, parents, the coach and spectators. We encourage Team Managers to contact us if they have any questions.
  2. Ensure smooth running of training and matches
  3. Team representative at club meetings

Code of conduct

  • Player
  • Parent
  • Coach

Working with children check

Please ensure all adults (Coach and Team Manager) dealing with any children in your team have completed a Working With Children Check (WWCC) Volunteer.

If they already have an Employee or Volunteer Working With Children Check, a copy of this should be emailed to BNC (please see step 4 below).

BNC must be nominated as an organisation

The process to apply for a WWCC is straightforward:

1. Visit the WWCC web –
2. Click on the ‘Apply for Check’ button and fill in the form

Please note – you’ll need to provide Brunswick Netball Club’s contact details in the form; OR, if you already have a WWCC, you need to add BNC as an organisation. Our details are:

P.O. Box 28
Brunswick South 3055

3. Follow instructions in the form to complete the check

4. Please email a photo or scan of your WWCC to To help us administer this process more easily please include ‘Working with Children Check’ in the email subject line.


We provide every new team a netball kit including bibs, training cones, balls, etc. If you have any questions, please email Di Tobin

All new teams will be provided with a bag of equipment – the bag will contain:

  1. One match ball
  2. 3 training balls
  3. a set of bibs

Team Managers of established BNC teams can order new equipment via BNC at


BNC teams train at the netball courts on Gillon Oval precinct, Corner Pearson & Victoria Streets Brunswick 3056.

Getting there

  • Bus – 508 travels along Victoria Street
  • Train – Upfield line – Brunswick station

Check Google Maps for directions

To schedule training please coordinate with BNC, team coach and parents. Please contact Di Tobin for availability of Gillion Reserve at

There must be two adults at training sessions. The additional adult can assist coaches with the training session. Legally there needs to be another adult in case of an accident or injury.


Our club has a strong focus on participation. Many of our teams have discovered that a good way of ensuring this is to have a Position Rota, which is maintained across the season. We have provided a few of these for your consideration.

Giving players the chance to try out different positions and areas of the court is important when they are young and new to assist in them learning the game as a whole, and to become more versatile.

Team Captain Role

Rotating the role of Team Captain each week is another good way to bolster participation.

The responsibilities for this role are:

  • A ‘flip the coin’ at the start of the game with the Opposition Captain and umpire to decide which team shoots at each end of the court first
  • Generally playing Centre first 1 – 2 quarters
  • Providing oranges for the team at half time
  • Parent to score the match
  • Parent to adjust the goals up after a match (this is for Nettas only)

BNC Parents

Parental support is another a key feature of the club. BNC parents provide strong support for their Coaches and to other parents who volunteer. It is important for each family to have a clear understanding of expectations around behaviour, with parents asked to adhere to a Code of Conduct. Please see Parent Code of Conduct at the end of this document. There are opportunities for all members including parents to nominate to join the BNC Committee.